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We invite again for NASA SummerCamp. This year the core areas are in designing a new nonpneumatic wheel, as well as a battery-powered NASA Rovers of the 2nd generation. We want to modify the existing NASA rovers for training and build 2 new vehicles. Of course, you work again together with international students from many countries, making internships in some of the more than 100 partner-factories in and around Leipzig. In numerous excursions you will fit your team spirit, body and your skills. Your practice in foreign languages, culture of other countries, to achieve common goals and of course writing experience reports as "NASA Trailblazer" is expanded here. You live in the Space Hotel and eat in a self-organized teamwork. Of course there are days of swimming, barbecues and many shared experiences.

In addition this year, here is the expansion of "Jesco von Puttkamer school". This is to be inaugurated on 09/22/2016. For regional and international young naturalists there will be an international career center with ASA-offers, seminars and internships. You can help us energetically as all other generations before you. Who shows us the most integrity over the summer, will be selected for future Space Education Missions: inOctober for a world tour (India, Russia, Italy, South and North America), gets further deals excursions in Star City to Russia and for NASA Rover challenge in April 2017 the United States.

The expenses for lodging and food amount to 190 euros / week. The program is free in the first 2 weeks characteristic learning phase. Then we recommend you as it can go and whether you will nominated for an international space mission on the way in science. From this moment you will organize in a teamwork your further crowdfunding for the projects and for a career in the premier class space itself. You can represent each of these workshops with school internships and your later Baccalaureate (propaedeutic-work) as well as practical projects of your university.


Start: 18.7.2016
End: 31.8.2016 (for college students till end of september 2016)
minimum stay: 1 week 
Age: 12 - 24





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