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North- and South America
Where do we stand, where are we going?

Science program, festival, excursion, competition and readings:

Dates: 10/20/2019 - 11/21/2020
Countries: USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Brazil, Spain
Host: Jesco von Puttkamer Society
Keynote speaker: Ralf Heckel

20 years ago the new director of the ISS (International Space Station), Prof. Dr. Jesco von Puttkamer (NASA-HQ), and the current director of the ISEI (International Space Education Institute), Ralf Heckel (Germany, active role during the fall of the iron curtain), started an amazing project: The accessibility of Space Education and International contests for everyone on the planet.

The main goal 10 years after the cold war was: "Multi-nationality: learn, design, work and live together, create a future - like on board the International Space Station and beyond".

This goal was never lost. Both opened the doors for many international teams at national US, German and Russian space competitions. This work is financially and politically independent, non-profit and non-government. It continues to grow with more locations, more activities and into more countries worldwide.

The Space Education Readings Tour Program 2019 collects all multinational experiences from the past until the 50th year of landing on the Moon and gives a look into the future of the next decade. What Prof. Dr. von Puttkamer (Apollo, Skylab, Space Shuttle and ISS) called "anti-cyclic", will be present as a VISION for a way of life for everyone who wants to make a future between 2020 and 2030.

This reading also involves the current global development such as: Climate Change, Pollution, Populism or Fridays for Future and gives visions for a new orientation with Space as a smart and possible solution.

The Tourprogram overview 2019/20:

10/20/2019 Start in Leipzig and Berlin (Germany)
10/21/2019 70th IAC, Washington DC (USA)
10/21/2019 German American Heritage Foundation, Washington DC (USA)
10/22/2019 McKinly Highschool, Washington DC (USA)
10/23/2019 Team-UDC, University Washington DC, Washington DC (USA)
10/25/2019 NASA-HQ, Washington DC (USA)
10/25/2019 Gala Dinner at National Air & Space Mueum, Udvar Hazy, Dulls Airport
10/26/2019 First Robotic Challenge, Haymarket VA (USA)
10/27/2019 Team Tecnologico de Monterrey, 4 days, TEC-Cuernavaca (Mexico)
11/01/2019 Teotihuacan Pyramides(Mecico)
11/03/2019 ROCH-Team, UNAQ, 2 days, Queretaro (Mexico)
11/06/2019 Orlando and Cape Canaveral (USA)
11/07/2019 Team Apolo 27, INTEC, Santo Domingo (Dominican Rep)
11/09/2019 Highschool-Team, Colegio Cientifico, Salcedo (Dominican Rep)
11/10/2019 Panama City and Panama-channel (Panama)
11/11/2019 Rio de Janeiro, 9 days (Brazil)
11/13/2019 The Myths, UFF, Niteroi (Brazil)
11/14/2019 Colegio Santa Terezinha, 5 events, Sao Gonzeles (Brazil)
11/16/2019 Spacetroopers Brazil, Sao Gonzeles (Brazil)
11/18/2019 Team Saquarema, B.M.G.I, Niteroi (Brazil)
11/20/2019 High School Ramón y Caja, Madrid (Spain)
11/20/2019 Oscars Logix5 Solutions, Madrid (Spain)
11/22/2019 pressconference, Berlin (Germany)
12/05/2019 Leipzig (Germany)

12/05/2019 Leipzig (Germany)
12/20/2019 Delhi, Kurukshetra (India)
01/10/2020 Leipzig (Germany)
01/27/2020 Moscow (Russia)
03/30/2020 Colorado Springs (USA)
04/17/2020 Huntsville/Alabama (USA)
04/22/2020 Washington DC (USA), Greenbelt, Wallops Island, Hampton VA
05/09/2020 Leipzig (Germany)
06/13/2020 JvP Summerworkshop Germany
09/01/2020 JvP Internships for college students in Germany
09/25/2020 Birthday celebration for Prof. Dr. Jesco von Puttkamer
10/01/2020 Exibition in Leipzig Expocenter (one week)

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(Tourprogramm, PDF, 16 pages, 6MB)

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