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"Hobby Game Freetime",  5.-7.10.18
Exhibition of model making, model railway, creative designing, needlework and games 

Hall 5, position E02 / F03 (with rocket)

The Jesco von Puttkamer Schule presents itself at the Leipzig Fair with the following topics:
- Hobby►ASA►Apprentice Training►Study►Job
- spaceflight, robotics, solar, 3D printing
- inventing, constructing, assembling
- actively experience and shape the future
- preparation and participation in:
  US Space Camp 2019
  NASA- Roverchallenge 2019

With live broadcasts from NASA-Rover Teams around the world! / Teckie-Arena / Experiments

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1.10.2018, 11am
Press conference with podium:

· Martin Buhl-Wagner, CEO of the Leipziger Messe
· Annette Schmeier, Project Director
· Frank Noack, Managing Director Happy Shops
· Ralf Heckel, Head of JvP School
· Firine Bugenhagen, student and participant
afterwards photo session with NASA Rover


5.-7.10.2018, 10am - 6pm
Exibition: Jesco von Puttkamer School
Hall 5, position E02 / F03
- 3D printing, robotics, mechanics, environmental technology
- with workshops and handicrafts
- Construction of a minibuggy
- Mounting a differential gear
- robotic challenge

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5.10.2018, 11am
professional meeting model sport and technology
presentation Hall 5, position D10
US Space Camp & NASA Rover-Challenge:
fit for 50 years Apollo 11 and new missions
Ralf Heckel, Nadin Roessler & Firine Bugenhagen,
International Space Education Institute e.a.

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6.10.2018, 5pm-8pm
"25th NASA Rover from Leipzig" (VIP party)
Hall 5, position E02 / F03

The VIP celebration for the 25th NASA Rover from Leipzig, 60 years NASA and the 85th birthday of Prof. Dr. hc Dipl.-Ing. Freiherr Jesco von Puttkamer Invited are all ca. 200 entrepreneurs, students and individuals who support since 2005 the projects of the International Space Education Institute r.a.

With live broadcasts from NASA-Rover Teams around the world!

7.10.2018 at 3pm
"Meeting the Generations"
Hall 5, position E02 / F03
Rookies meet alumni, questions from parents will be answered. Interested parties and their parents meet experienced and longtime members. Everyone has questions and these are with coffee, cake and qualified answers.




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