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Student reports - 2013


Übersetzer/Translator: Mathilda Drews

Tobias Volte: Our Tour to the USA started Friday evening. The telemetry suitcase had to be packed. Andrew, Evgenij, Nadin and Tobias packed the suitcase prepared it and checked in online. During this, we noticed that Araceli's ESTA did not work. Due to this we simply re-registered her again. Around 2:30 a.m. we set off to Frankfurt. Andrew and Nadin alternated driving us, but most of the route Andreas sat behind the wheel. At 5 o’clock we picked up Sang-jin. The remaining 2 hours to Frankfurt went unspectacular. In Frankfurt, we first drove to the car park. Andreas had his car parked there and we went along with all suitcases in the airport shuttle bus. In the Frankfurt airport, we then met our last traveling companions, Araceli. Since we had already checked in online, we didn’t have to do it here which took some work from us.

Finally, after exchanging luggage back and forth to meet the weight limits everywhere, we gave the biggest of them up. With successful completion of the security control our adventure in the U.S. could finally start for real.

Nadin Rößler: Our flight to Huntsville was pretty long, but it all went well. Saturday morning we departed from Frankfurt to Atlanta. The flight took about 10 hours. Since many of us had not slept the night before, we tried it now for the most part on the plane, which was of course difficult to impossible. But there were movies to watch, music to listen to and games to play. We had everything we needed.

einladenIn Atlanta, we had to wait five hours for our connecting flight. There was not much left to do with us in our current state. We just seated ourselves in some café and spent pretty much the whole time there, ate fast food and drank hot chocolate. In the middle of sipping coffee Evgeniy noticed that his suitcase was no longer with us. Somewhere we had forgotten it. Logically, we began to look for the thing. Evgeniy, Nadin and San Jing discovered that pieces of luggage found were to be recollected at the baggage service. So we ran through the entire airport to find the service, realized after fifteen minutes that we were running in the wrong direction and then ran back to the other end. That Nadin and Evgeniy had left the security area when reaching the service, of course, no one noticed. Only when the service-lady had informed them about the further course and asked them to check in again, there was a problem. Nadin's pass was (of course) still in the café. Time was running out, and suddenly we were pretty stressed out. Now Evgeniy had to check in, run up, get Nadin’s pass and run back down again. In the end we managed everything well, but nevertheless our adrenaline levels rose dramatically. The case was also found and should be sent to Huntsville. Our flight to Huntsville was in the end just a sleepy trip, after which we all went pretty exhausted into bed.

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