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Student reports - 2013


moscowAfter an exhausting arriving on Sunday, we enjoyed our first excursion by bus, today. Our travel was accompanied by some police cars that enabled our busses, to cross red traffic lights and go fast. I’ve never seen something like that and didn’t even know that this is possible for usual students.

The “Historian Air Museum of Russia”, where we have been, is a site with an infinite mass of planes. The tour guide explained us a lot about some single ones. We even had the chance to watch some secret airplanes. It was very interesting to see the big airliners, helicopters or also the first version of a Russian space shuttle. We spent hours there.

photos of the russian Airmuseum in Monino

Additionally to us, all the other members of the contest joined us on the tour. For them, it was very special to see some German foreigners on the competition. Since we wear our blue space suits with the NASA symbol, they all wanted to take a photo with us. We felt like some celebrities and didn’t have any time to stop our photo smile. That was pretty cute.



After tour and lunch, we had the chance for some “Typical-Tourist-Sightseeing”. So we went to the Red Square and watched the “St. Basils”, which is the most popular church of Russia, from the inside. It’s a very beautiful building, in fact the most beautiful one in Moscow, I think.

Also, we spent a while in the biggest shopping mall of Moscow and used this time to honor our main sponsor and go to a Bruno Banani shop in there and say hello. The sellers were very friendly and let us take some photos with them. We really liked it there.

All in all, we had a very exciting and relaxed day, today. We all enjoyed it a lot and took some really nice pictures. I hope the next days will go on like this. It was great!

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