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Student reports - 2014
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All these teams are members of the International Space Education Institute. They are preparing a competition at the the NASA Rover Challenge. This is a non-profit and education-project to support the youth in practical, science and economical skills.

You can help them to reach their goal:
- Like their Facebook-Page and become a fan
- recieve a friendship and relikes of each teammember and their fans on your page, promote this
- invest your IDEAS, TIME & ENGAGEMENT: help to complete their NASA-Rover (material-donations)
- donate their costs for travelling to NASA (cash-donations, sponsoring)
- buy mearchandising: a fan T-shirt "Bruno Banani Spacewear with Teamlogo"; Minibuggy-Set

Wer kann das programmieren?
- 5-10 Tshirts
- 5-10 weitere Artikel (Minibuggy, Sticker, etc.)

- Spendenkonto des ISEI, Commerzbank Leipzig
- Spendentool (ähnlich diesem Tool) Wer kann das programmieren?
- download-Formulare (PDF) für Teammitglieder und deren Interessenten

-Diese Seite ist ein ENTFURF-

Die Teams und Mitleser werden gebeten weitere Tipps für diese Seite zu geben!