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Student reports - 2014
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NASA Rover Challenge 2014
Team Russia Highschol
Jonathan Holtman

The Last Day before the Race
Huntsville/Alabama, 10.04.2014

To start our long day, we head to the Space Center. There we look around until it is 12 and we can register. After we do so, we drive to our warehouse and finish assembling our buggys. We finish Vadims idea of having wheel protectors that can move, so that if you’re in a pinch on the track, you can turn the wheel without having the wheel protector interfere with you turning the wheel with your hand. Then we transport one of the buggys to our pit area at the Space Center. We then listen to a safety briefing, and afterwards transport the other buggy to the pit. Once both or buggys and all the required parts are there, we go to eat at the 88 Buffet. When we arrive back at our hotel I continue working on our telemetry system. We use a mobile phone to upload a live broadcast to, where the stream can be viewed by anyone with internet access and an e-mail or a facebook account. This makes it extremely easy to share our stream with others.