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Schülerberichte - 2012
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My NASA Moonbuggy challenge 2012 – preparations

Simon Galletti, Moonbuggy Team Italy/India, 2012 Highschool
International Space Education Institute

Venice, 27.03.2012

Foto: Simon GallettiMy name is Simon Galletti and I live in Venice, Italy. In November 2011 the chairman of the International Space Education Institute of Leipzig, Ralf Heckel, came to Venice and to our school, the scientific lyceum G.B.Benedetti.
He explained to my class and I what the ”NASA Great Moonbuggy Race” is and opened a window to this world for us. He then invited all of my class to Leipzig in February to attend a Winter Workshop, where we had an incredibly motivating experience confronting ourselves with our first approach to a professional type of work.

We had a number of excursions which concerned space-rocket history, such as to the Mittelwerk concentration camp that the Nazis used as a factory for the V1 and V2 rockets, and in various occasions we learnt more about space history, like the space race between the personalities of German scientist Wernher Von Braun, who later worked for NASA in the US, and Sergej Pavlovitch Korolev, the Soviet engineer who designed the Sputnik.

Photo: Team ItalyAt the end of the workshop we were offered the possibility to participate to the race in a multinational team, in collaboration with India, hosted by ISEI. At that point all the members of my class had to decide whether to go on with this project, and work really hard during the next two months to be ready to go to Huntsville in April, or to concentrate exclusively on school, and maybe get back on the Moonbuggy program during the summer, for the work that awaits us in the near future: getting Italy involved in this world.

So at that point the first five Italians who would go to Huntsville to participate to the “Great Moonbuggy Race” were decided, and my teammates and I have been working ever since to get our part of the job done : looking for sponsors who would help us in this adventure; finding pieces for our moonbuggy; making pieces that couldn’t be found on the market; putting together the back axle of the moonbuggy (which we will connect to the other half in Huntsville, when we meet with our teammates from India); and trying to publicise the Race as much as we can, because in Italy nobody actually knows about it!