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Schülerberichte - 2012
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Moonbuggy team Russia 2012, colledge
International Space Education Institute, Leipzig

Huntsville April 4th 2012

img1We woke up, had a breakfast and went to Moonbuggy garage.
Our day today started with the fact that all the students gathered in the studio and Ralph held a briefing. Finally, we discussed the timetable decided on the timetable and plans for the remaining time before the competition.
At 10.00 we started work on the moonbuggy. Buggy was ready, but it remains to eliminate one problem - bad brakes fixed wheel. The boys 4 times pumped the brake system, but to achieve full containment was not possible.
Roma has helped children from the Italian team to handle the details.
By lunchtime, came Thomas, owner of the garage, where we settled. They talked to Ralph Thomas invited us after the lunch to his home. He has a big house and pool.

img1Today I finally got to ride moonbugy. We test it, with Eugene swept around the garage. Now we only have to train.
At 15.00 we went to Tommy. He is not only our sponsor but also a great, hospitable person. His wife Lara and he met us. Their house was like a real American dream - a spacious, creative, beautiful with a large swimming pool and movie theater. Ralf invited us to a retired general of U.S. army, the former head of Boeing in Huntsville. He is now retired. He was a good and interesting pearson.

After Tommy, we went to a friend, Ralph Terry. I first saw as an engineer living in America. Very nice and beautiful house. Small but very cozy. Terry enjoys racing, he won several competitions. He showed us his new racing buggies and Carvet.
We were very tired one day, decided to go to the hotel.