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Schülerberichte - 2012
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Moonbuggy Team Italy, Highschool 2012
Daniele Cini, Marco De Lorenzi, Simon Galletti. Giacomo Labbri, Laura Martin
International Space Education Institute

Huntsville, 05.04.2012

img1As decided on the day before with the time schedule, we met in the parking lot at 9:15 for our daily sightseeing. We went to the University of Alabama, Huntsville, Von Braun Research Hall, a section of the school dedicated to the study of the famous space engineer.

img2We found vice-president Dr. John M. Horack and co-vice-president Dr. Thomas M. Koshut to welcome us. They guided us on a short tour of the hall that contains numerous documents regarding Von Braun’s work between 1949 and 1969, that involved his transfer to America and the landing of man on the Moon.

We had the opportunity to observe the great evolution of the construction of rockets in the last fifty years, through models in scale positioned at the entrance of the hall; after that we went on with the visit admiring the photo exposition of the most famous space shuttles, of Von Braun and his projects, and of the first model of moon rover.

img3After that we went to the high school Center for Technology of Huntsville, where we were expected at 10:20 by professor White. He showed us the school’s moobuggys, that have been participating to the Great Moonbuggy Race since 1995, and the garage that the students use for the construction. We met the girl pilot for their team and tried their moonbuggy on the circuit, which they built just outside their garage, with obstacles similar to those of the race.

After that we got back on the bus and returned to our moonbuggy hall to get on with the construction of our vehicles, activity that lasted all the rest of the day,