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Schülerberichte - 2012
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Moonbuggy team Russia 2012, college
International Space Education Institute

Huntsvill, April 9th 2012

img1Today the whole day we worked in the garage. In the morning we had a briefing. We talked about upcoming events, this year NASA announced several new competitions: Telemetry award and best report award. Ralph invited Evgene to compete for the prize of the best report. Also collected first buggy will include telemetry.

After the general meeting, we are i, Roman and Eugene organized our collection. Set goals for the day.

img3Eugene checked again the mechanism. Cut out four lids to close the suspension bushings, removed bug with the chain, the latter had very rattled, had we stood a spacing collar between the holes of its Jack now replaced by n-type bridge and painted it in a nice silver color. After that, Jack was very happy, but not for long, with a buggy always something happening.

img3Roman at this time removed the following problem: between the front wheels is a connector, it is a hollow tube which is sealed at the ends by means of cold welding studs with thread. Yesterday, when the Italians first tested a buggy, they have an accident due to the fact that this is the connector was broken at the junction of cold welding. Roman has eliminated this problem as follows: at the ends of the connector, he drilled two holes, of course he did all the necessary technical regulations. They have eliminated the problem. Tested the buggy, no new errors were found.
img4The car is much better and smoother. At the end of the day the guys just wanted to replace the rear tires as they are not very suitable for the routes are Great Moonbuggy race. But at this moment broke the compressor and the boys, along with Ralph it repaired. I trained during the day, wrote report, cooked we trained in a Romann riding at speed and in the folding and unfolding moonbuggy. We decompose the construction of 5.6 seconds, last year's record was 4 seconds.

The day passed very fruitful.