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Schülerberichte - 2014
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NASA Rover Challenge 2014
Team Russia Highschool
Jonathan Holtmann

The drive to Huntsville after disassembling the Moonbuggy in Washington
Washington/DC, 04.04.2014

I arrived at school at around 7:50 and then, with my friend Mario, wait for the team from Russia to arrive. At around 8:15 Mr. Heckel arrives with Catherine, Vadim, and Evgeniy. We get to know each other and then head down to disassemble our moonbuggy, and get it into our van.
Two hours later we are done and go to say goodbye to the principal and other staff of the DSW.

Now we start our long journey towards Alabama. Throughout the trip we get to know each other and I engage in a lot of translating for my friend Mario since he doesn’t speak any Russian. Since I was born in Moscow, lived there for a couple of years and speak Russian with my mom, I can speak fluent Russian and translate for Mario and the others. Many stops, and many hours later we finally arrive at our hotel in Huntsville and, after settling in to our rooms, we go to bed.

Jonathan Holtmann