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Schülerberichte - 2014
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NASA Rover Challenge 2014
Team Russia Highschool
Jonathan Holtman

Day One of the Race
Huntsville/Alabama, 11.04.2014

Barely being able to get myself out of bed was probably the most difficult part of this day. After some struggling I eventually got up and after showering, eating breakfast, and getting ready, we leave to the Space Center. When we arrive there, we continue assembling our buggys and the telemetry. When we finish, the Russian team takes their bike to the pre-ride testing area. Firstly, we have to fold the buggy into an area smaller than five cubic feet. They check t make sure it fits and we continue. Now the drivers must carry the folded buggy from one line to another. They manage easily and continue on to the subsequent test. Now the buggy must be unfolded, and the drivers must sit down on the seats with both feet on the pedals and hands in the air. We get a time of seven seconds, and after our buggy is checked for missing components we go to the start line. Now, the real test for the drivers begins. They must now make it through the course, and get a good time. While they begin racing I head to the news van that is broadcasting the event and together with Amanda and Greg, talk about the German and Russian teams. Some questions later, the drivers race past the news van and we are told to go watch them and support our team. We do exactly this, and watch Vadim and Chatherine race down the track. The front left fender gets caught on the track and breaks of. We retrieve it and will have to deal with the penalty for it dropping. After we make it to the finish line, I go install the telemetry on the German buggy. They go through the same checks as we did, and also go to the start line. Once the loud horn sounds declaring the start of the race, the drives Tobias and Mathilda start racing. Somehow, they also lose their front left fender and we rack our heads trying to in the reason so that we can adjust the rovers for tomorrow’s race. After some modifications and a dinner at the Hall, we head to our hotel, exhausted and ready to sleep.