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Articoli degli studenti - 2012
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Moonbuggy team Russia 2012, college
International Space Education Institute

Huntsville April 8th 2012

img1Today our team had a day off. We went to a local river Tennessee, on the shore was very nice. The weather was perfect. Good catch Wi-Fi. We have the whole day sunbathing, playing rugby, walking, talking with family and friends by skype. It was a good night's rest before the serious preparation and training.

For lunch we with  Ralf went for the pizza for students, but in America at the weekend  difficult to find an open pizza, so we have been easier to buy food at the store, and eating pizza left for the evening.

In the evening, after the dinner,  Ralf and Yvonne brought us to a great Chinese restaurant, there was a very tasty meal, everyone enjoyed it.