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Articoli degli studenti - 2012
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Marina Tereshkova
Moonbuggy team Russian 2012, College
International Space Education Institute, Leipzig

Huntsville April 10, 2012

img1Today is the penultimate day before the competition. He promised to be very busy and productive.

We have the whole day working on the buggy. Eugene cut excess metal on the bottom part under the seat box with telemetry which much smaller than the old, metal rubbing on it. Just Eugene has eliminated the problem of chatter in the right front wheel went over mount. Before lunch, the boys cleaned out all the details, some painted with special paint that prevents corrosion. Roman helped the Italian team. In the buggy all the time label of failure, but now the guys are all eliminated. You can begin to design registration.

For lunch we tried another Italian dish - rice with the sauce. Disgusting turned rice, Marco, the guy who cooks it, could not even give it a try. But all were very hungry, so food is quickly ended.

img2After dinner, proceeded to the most beautiful part of the work on the buggy- dressing on the seat covers,  placement of sponsor's logo, decorating buggies. Tightened umbrella antenna, put the alarm horn. At first it seems that this is an easy job, but in reality, it took us half a day! Any change requires attention to themselves, things do not  exist.

image3In the evening we had a photo shoot. Has been specially invited professional photographer from Leipzig. His name is Ralph, he made us a photo session. I have not yet seen the pictures, I want to see. After that, we're a little ride on the munbaggi, staged a special training: Max did an imitation of the race track, a special disc with a narrow path on which it was necessary to go and shoot down the rack. I got a third time, then I was free to increased speed, maneuvered. Roman managed the 1st time. That's what a good racer.

The guys from India today have prepared their own food, it was spaghetti, ham and eggs are unusual, seemingly products of the same, but using different spices and other cooking techniques, taste turns very peculiar. The food was very tasty.