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Schülerberichte - 2012
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Moonbuggy Team Italy, Highschool 2012
Daniele Cini, Marco De Lorenzi, Simon Galletti. Giacomo Labbri, Laura Martin
International Space Education Institute

Hunstville, 04.04.2012

img1This morning we don’t have our daily sightseeing in Huntsville because lot of work is still to be done, so we go in the garage early and we’re expected to finish our Moonbuggies.
Two main works have to be done:
1) patching our sponsor’s logos on the Team Italy suits: we have to iron them at high temperature and making a hard pression on in order to put them in the right position.
2)   Applying Moonbuggy’s brakes

img2In the afternoon we finished to fix the brakes and the gears of the Moonbuggy’s front part: the cycle seems to be ready, so Cini and Laura drove it for the first time outside the garage, followed by Simon by bicycle, in order to buy the last missing components…. Unfortunately after few hundreds of metres the turning axle broke in the middle, making the Moonbuggy crashed on the road and stretching a wheel. Ralf came to take us with the van (meanwhile the main axle disconnected into two parts), we set the cycle parts in it and we go back to the garage.
But we decided to make a damages list in another moment because Mr Terry, everyone of us obtained a ticket for today Yuri’s Night celebration (in memory of the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, first man in the space), which is given in the Huntsville Space Center. We get there quickly and we immediately saw the main piece of the exposition, a reproduction of the Saturn V-5 rocket (never launched because of the low quality of its components) situated vertically outside the building, eighty metres high, huge and overwhelming.

img3Inside, in a large hall, lots of models, photos, short movies, interactive experiments etc., all of them followed by explaining tables, are set along a corridor; the most interesting pieces are the original Apollo XII capsule rescued from the ocean, flight simulators, autographed documents of Werner von Braun and his équipe and lunar Moonbuggy models.
This night Simon and Cini are, together with Max, nightwatcher; with Ralf they see that fortunately damages are not as serious as we thought: and the knowledge of the accident’s causes allow us to make some modification that, if not done, could have compromise race’s results!