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Schülerberichte - 2014
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Monday – April 7, 2014

Today was a day spent completely in the workshop. By now, the team members have gotten to know each other more and it was time to really focus on building the Moonbuggy.

After breakfast at the hotel, we loaded back into our little bus towards the house. The boys began working while I left to run errands for the team. I returned after a couple hours of grocery shopping to a half-built Moonbuggy and prepared chili-leftovers from the night before. Once we finished eating, the boys returned to work on the two buggies.

Mathilda and I began some of the accounting work that needed to be done and soon I am off to cook dinner for everyone!

The team was able to nearly finish the building of the Moonbuggies today, besides the wheels. Some parts were forgotten in Leipzig so upon arrival of the parts, they will be able to complete everything.

Tomorrow, they will finish what they are able to and we will work on attaching the advertisements to the buggies. We will also be creating flags that will be attached and reviewing the rules to see if the buggies qualify.

A lot of work was accomplished today and hopefully just as much tomorrow. This way, we will have time to participate in tours later this week and see more of the great Huntsville!