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Call for the NASA Summerworkshop 2012

Written by: Ralf Heckel
Translated by: Nadin Rößler and Mirandah Rider


The NASA Moonbuggy Race takes place every April in ‘Rocket City’ (Huntsville, Alabama, USA). More than 80 engineer teams from several towns are fighting for first place. The teams from the International Space Education Institute in Leipzig (ISEI) have led the international league for six years and currently include students from three continents. The annual summer and winter workshops in Leipzig have united international students with a focus of technical practice using intensive studies, professional orientation for engineer-oriented careers and a high-qualitative competition on the space level. ISEI offers two, 14-day programs all throughout the students’ summer and winter vacations. The main points of the programs will be the practice involved, the teamwork and the excursions. A lot of high-tech companies, museums and technical documentation centers in the engineering and aerospace fields open their doors for delegations of our initiative, including visits at bases for Porsche, BMW, Antonov, E-car-producers, solar companies and craft. Many of the involved companies have become international podiums for market and promotions for young adults. The 3200-year history of astronomy and the regional 200-year history of rockets and space will also be shown in Huntsville. The common fiddling of the 12-25 year old students, the exploration and source of their ideas in the ‘Leipziger Handwerk’ (where they sometimes use the machines themselves), and the presentation in front of international media includes: integrity, do-it-yourself work, multilingualism and adventure tours involving trips on a plane, a canoe, bicycles and scuba-diving. On the 31st of August 2012, the new international teams will introduce themselves on the cycling track of Leipzig to the European competition in front of thousands of viewers.

Offered all year as an internship, excursions and project weeks are as follows:
School classes, advanced course groups, project groups and single students with conditions to an internship or preparatory course as well as thesis.

Individual applicants (students) can attend the holiday workshops (winter and summer sessions). Interest, team spirit and goal pursuit are necessary. Teachers and trainers can be integrated with a training course.

Entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists are invited as sponsors. Prerequisite is a membership in the ISEI.

Accommodation in the Space Hotel in Leipzig with half board is included for 98€ per week.

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Includes care by educated international aerospace engineers (course fee + proportion of the travel costs for excursions)

Members of the international NASA Competition will be nominated and supported after participation at a workshop (at least 14 consecutive days). There is a minimal commitment of 2 years for the membership.

- Next competition in the USA: April, 2013
- Four of our teams: Germany, Russia, Italy, and India
- Next qualification race: May, 6th 2012
- Call for the NASA Summerworkshop 2012
- Next space excursion abroad: May – Venice, June – Spain, September – ILA, October – Moscow