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Schülerberichte - 2014
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NASA Rover Challenge 2014
Team Germany College
Jonathan Holtmann

Getting the Moonbuggy-hall ready to use
Huntsville/Alabama, 05.04.2014

I wake up at 7:30 and go jogging with Mario. After about 30 minutes we make it back to our hotel room, shower, and subsequently eat breakfast. After some brainstorming and planning, we head out to our warehouse. We find that it is messy and clean it.

A lot of vacuuming, brushing and moving stuff later, we got settled in. We bring in our rover parts and Vadim takes advantage of the pull-up bar. We eat some chips, drink some lemonade and hit the road to tour Huntsville. After feeding some ducks and taking a lot of photos, we drive up to Monte Sano to pick up Greg one of our teammates.

We now head back to our hotel and grab our swim trucks, and after a trip to Walmart and a nice picnic at the Tennessee River, we go swimming in an indoor pool. At this point it is around 6:50 pm and we drive to the airport to pick up our team mates, who are flying in from Germany. After a stop at the hotel, those of us who are hungry head to Chipotle for a nice, filling burrito. Afterwards we drive right back to our hotel and collapse in our beds.