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jvp-cornerToday, Prof. Dr. h.c. Ing. Freiherr Jesco von Puttkamer would have been 81 years old. The German-American scientist dedicated his life to space, the technical and scientific application for young academics and the vision strength of our two companies. ‘From Apollo to ISS’ is not only the name of one of his books (Herbig Verlag), but is also about his life at NASA. From 1996 onwards, von Puttkamer worked as a technical manager in charge of the daily operations at the International Space Station Program at NASA Headquarters in Washington and was, with the „Project Mars" (Herbig Verlag) already looking into the not too distant future.


For Prof. von Puttkamer, who unexpectedly died from an illness on 12.27.2012, the closure of the 30 year old Space Shuttle fleet was a "necessary measure for establishing new resources for the future" That this is now for the general public a sensible step on the ground as a part of future planning. Today Mr Samuel Scimemi has replaced Jesco von Puttkamer as the ISS Director. He and his colleagues from the Space Operations Mission Directorate (SOMD) are currently eagerly looking at the development of the COTS-program (Commercial Orbital Transportation Systems) and to the formation of the new CLV (Crew Launch Vehicle) and SLS-programs (Space leeks System). The latter are in Puttkamers words ‘an evolutional symbiosis of the successful Apollos and the space shuttles. The COTS-Program is the ‘measured necessity of scientificboard to outsource for forward functioning in order to be able to concentrate on the core of the work’.

In one of the many conversations since 1998, Puttkamer said: "One day a private companies will make our work here in the Low Orbit. The first among these will have the job of searching for ore in the Asterioiden belt. Then in calm we can move after another planet search." There is currently an asteroid "266725 Vonputtkamer" that has been named after him as a timeless recognition of this words.

Exactly a year ago on 09.22.2013, on the grounds of on his life and his long service (pleasure – gladness) his fellow colleagues founded the "Jesco von Puttkamer Association" at the International Space Education Institute in Leipzig, which was established in 2005. Since then there have been exactly 300 activities in this first year and continuation of the activities celebrating his life's work, especially in the international young academic sector.

Shown below are the 22 highlights if this first year:

ersttagsbrief22.09.2013 First-day covers - special postal envelopes with stamps that are special to "80 year Jesco von Puttkamer" , stamped by the LVZ-Post on Sunday the 22.09.2013, the 80th birthday of Prof.Dr Jesco von Puttkamer, 200 print edition, every founding member received a complimentary issue.


24.09.2013 Opening Presentation of the Jesco von Puttkamer Society as Network for Scientists, colleagues, Engineers, Friends, Readers, Fans, Teachers, Pupils and Students, Chair of Leipzig, Wurzner Str. 4; Founding members: Ralf Heckel, Yvonne Heckel, Ronny Hessel, Evgeniy Zakutin, Michael Cleff, Wolfgang Rumpelt, Rainer Dorenbusch; Chairman: Mr Ralf Heckel, Deputy Chairman Mr Evgeniy Zakutin, Treasurer Frau Yvonne Heckel, 1. Board member Mr Ronny Hessel, 2. Board member Herr R. Dorenbusch


24.09.2013 Dedication of a gallery with Hallmarks of his life from Puttkamers in the Seminar- and Conference room "Space Hotel Leipzig", with a painting from Cleff III, Oil on canvas 80 x 100, 20 other photographs from the life of the scientists.


24.09.2013 Introduction of a plaque on the house where he was born in Leipzig, Salomonstraße 25; Jesco von Puttkamer was the son of Baron Jesco von Puttkamer and his young wife. His father worked 2 blocks away as an editor for the publisher Reclam and among others, in 1935 had the book "oil money and blood" published (Publisher: Hieronimus Mühlberger).


04.10.2013 Obituary in the journal ‘Raumfahrt Concret’, the article discusses the efforts of Puttkamers between the Spaceflying nations United States and Russia on the position of Germany.


07.10.2013 "Across all Borders", Exhibition with the Society corporation partnership Leipzig-Houston e.V. in der Educations centre Leipzig; Out of the motivation of Society’s corporation partnership the photographs and artifacts of the life of the ISS were on display. A lecture summarizing from the pool from Jesco von Puttkamer gave another insight.


10/10/2013 inauguration of a memorial plaque on a House in Huntsville / Alabama , Monte Sano Blvd 1420 " JvP Meeting no. 1 " , gathering of friends and neighbors from Huntsville / Alabama on the terrace of the apartment building from the Apollo era , looking back on his full life as a scientist.

jvp-meeting14.10.2013 " JvP Meeting No. 2 . " gathering of friends and neighbors from Huntsville / Alabama on the terrace of the apartment building from the Apollo era , talking about next steps; present were: Chief of the International Space Education Institute , Executive Board of High School " Center for Technology " in Huntsville , NASA engineer Terry Wall , family and tenant Steward , neighbors.


30.11.2013 lecture in Venice, presenting the NASA Rover Challenge and the film " Space Warriors " Lyceum of Natural Sciences in Venice, preparation of a return visit in Leipzig

wappen19.12.2013 Registration with the district court Leipzig , VR 5509 Leipzig District Court File Number: VR 5509, made known on : 12.27.2013 12:00 clock ,New registration , 12.19.2013 , Jesco eV of Puttkamer Society , Leipzig ( c / o Mr. Ralf Heckel Wurzner Straße 4 , 04315 Leipzig).

nadin26.-30.12.2013 Workshop Winter & Christmas Readings , Leipziger Workshop for students on behalf of Jesco von Puttkamer at Space Hotel Leipzig , 14 events total , Nadin Rössler ( 19 ) was for the second time at NASA here and now studying teaching Mathematics / Physics . She gives a presentation.

jvpaward01.01.2014 Donation of " Jesco von Puttkamer International Team Award " for international high performance teams on the NASA Rover Challenge . Two awards are to be awarded as a trophy for both competition disciplines ( high school and college ) . Each award carries a cash prize of $500.

moskau11.-16.01.2014 NASA Winter Workshop for German and Russian students in Moscow, 19 events, obituary on the birthday of the rocket pioneer Sergey Korolev by his daughter at the Museum of Fa . RKK Energia ; another obituary goes to Korolev's colleagues in his apartment;in the German School in Moscow workshops are conducted.

messe02.-26.02.2014 NASA Winter Workshops in Königswinter and Leipzig for German and Italian students , 35 events , one week exhibition at the craft fair in Leipzig , the visit to disc to Nebra sky and the Central Works at Nordhausen

nasa-hq01.-27.04.2014 NASA Rover Challenge and VIP tour for students in the United States , 63 events , 4 weeks daily program in the United States for German and Russian engineers, students and pupils , Highlights: 2 - JvP Awards, one Winning Team , an invitation to the DLR - Washington Office , the German School Washington, for NASA Headquarters and an invitation to the US Science Festival

awardrus12.04.2014 Handing over of " Jesco von Puttkamer International Team Award " (High School Division ) to Team Russia : Jonathan Holtmann , Graig , Evgeniy Zakutin , Vadim Korsunov, Catherine Trusheva

awardger12.04.2014 Handing over of " Jesco von Puttkamer International Team Award " (College Division ) to Team Germany : Tobias Meier , Mario Denzler , Mathilda Drews , Amanda Spencer (now Weber )

winningteam12.04.2014 3rd prize from the JvP Society for the sponsored Team Russia (High School ) ; Catherine Trusheva ( 13 ) and Vadim Korsunov ( 18 ) appeared for the first time at NASA . This first performance with a 3rd place achievement deserves the highest respect and is among other things due to teachings of the Puttkamers

jvpmeeting13.04.2014 "JvP Meeting No. 3 "on the terrace of his home in Huntsville, conversations between young and old ; This meeting thus become a tradition in Huntsville; the German ethnic population , international young talents and long-established NASA scientists from Huntsville meet happily together.

hq-jvp18.04.2014 Visit to the former workplace of Jesco von Puttkamer at NASA Headquarters in Washington, with the winners of the " Jesco von Puttkamer Awards", including a visit to the JvP Memorial Corner in the Space Operations Mission Center and persecution of the started the SpaceX / Dragon02 Mission

katja-jvp14.-06.-29.08.2014 NASA Summer Workshop in Leipzig for German , Russian and English students with 60 consecutive days of action and 150 events. 300 km distance on the Moon buggies was covered and the undertaking of forming new teams. 

01.09.2014 Announcing the NASA Rover AG in hundreds of German and international schools , elementary and middle school as well as regional , national and international high schools, which may participate in this international consortium.

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