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althausOn the edge of Catholics days in Leipzig the former Prime Minister of Thuringia /Germany (2003-2009), Dieter Althaus, handed a donation of 500 Euros.

On 9 April 2016 this team of Prof. Dr. Ing. David Garcia received the  "Jesco von Puttkamer International Team Award" for a determined international teamwork, the construction and successful completion of a Rover as an international team. It is the 1st participation of this team in this competition. They went straight to number 26 of 49 in the overall ranking of the college class.

College Display Report 2016

team-italyTeam der Universität Monterry des Campus Cuernavaca in MexikoPrämiert werden mit dem "Jesco von Puttkamer International Team Award" seit 2009 jene internationalen Teams, welche einen Rover über die US-Grenze transportieren und die schnellste Zeit unter den internationalen Teams (also Nicht-US-Teams) erreichen. Zwar waren die beiden bisher amtierenden Weltmeister-Teams (2015) des International Space Education Institutes (Deutschland und Russland) mit dem Plätzen 12 und 14 schneller, aber diese transportierten nicht den kompletten Rover über die US-Grenze. Beide Fahrzeuge wurden aus logistischen Gründen im vergangenen Jahr in den USA eingelagert und standen 11 Monate lang mehreren Ausstellungen zur Verfügung. Gemäß des Reglementes ging damit der Preis an das Team aus Mexiko. Weitere internationale Teams aus Kanada und Indien lagen weit hinter Platz 26 oder konnten ihre Fahrzeuge nicht fertigstellen.

Prizes are awarded with the "Jesco von Puttkamer International Team Award" since 2009 to those international teams, which carry a rover over the US border and achieve the fastest time among the international teams (non-US team). While the two previously reigning world champion teams (2015) of the International Space Education Institute (Germany and Russia) were faster with the seats 12 and 14, but these are not transported the complete Rover over the US border. Both vehicles were stored for logistical reasons in the past year in the US and were on 11 months on several exhibitions. According to the Regulations so that the prize went to the team from Mexico. Other international teams from Canada and India were far behind 26th place or could not finish their vehicles.

info tv leipzig, May 31st 2016

2016 Rover Challenge Final Results

Dieter Althaus is today member of the Europe board of the the Canadian-Austrian car parts supplier Magna. He fond promotes youth work in conjunction with mobility. He attended the international 100th Catholic Day in Leipzig as official invited guest at the side of the Prime Ministers and the Federal President of Germany, Joachim Gauck.

Space Camp Botschafterin Yvonne nahm die Spende repräsentativ an. Sie wird zusammen mit den zugehörigen Zertifikaten und dem Award im Oktober 2016 in Mexiko im Rahmen einer Vorlesungsreihe durch den NASA-Preisrichter und Vorsitzenden des International Space Education Institutes, Ralf Heckel, übergeben.

Space Camp Ambassador Yvonne took the donation as representative. Together with the accompanying certificates and the Award this cash prize will be awardes to Mexico in October 2016. The judge for the Jesco von Puttkamer Award and chairman of the International Space Education Institute, Ralf Heckel, will held some lectures and invites selected and interested students to the NASA Roverchallenge 2017. 

The two children ambassadors Cosma (9) and Tara (6) took their responsibilities very seriously likewise representative during and after just past USA excursion. The Info TV Leipzig sends a report on Monday, May 30th 2016.

jvp2011jvp-award-muranoThe "Jesco von Puttkamer International Team Award" goes back to the same German-American NASA scientist and ISS director Prof. Dr. Jesco von Puttkamer. He launched  the "International Team Award" in 2009 specifically for international teams at NASA competitions. As a member of NASA Headquarters he presented this award to his death in 2012 itself. Since 2014 the Jesco von Puttkamer Gesellsachaft eV is donating this award and follows the tracks of  the  the commitment of promoting international youth work in the field of excellent science. The awards from the years 2014 and 2015 were made by the German company HOLL (Markkleeberg), with stainless steel. The Award 2016 was handmade from the italyan Designer Antonio Seguso in Murano / Venice / Italy.

ceremonyjvpawardcertificateIn this year the "Jesco von Puttkamer International Team Award" was handed the director of the Marshall Space Flight Center, Todd May, the chairman of Jesco von Puttkamer society Ralf Heckel, and Robert Lightfoot NASA HQ Associate Administrator (former MSFC Director) on 9 April 2016 Huntsville Alabama.

For the high school division the team of the International Space Education Institute from Venice made the "Jesco von Puttkamer International Team Award". It reached the top 19 of 44. Again, the Team Germany of International Space Education Institute from Leipzig made place 12. But they did not transported 100% of their Rover-parts over the US-border this year. The International Space Education Institute of Leipzig conducts and promotes students through partnerships with schools and universities in 22 countries. Actual are 1300 students involved. The best are invited to excursions and exchange programs regularly in the summer in Leipzig/Germany. Former students already went with engineering diploma and PHD candidate to ESA, DLR and NASA. Some are now studying in Huntsville / Alabama, Moscow, Channai, New Delhi and Dresden. 

Tobias Meier / Nadin Roessler (Team 1, College Class Germany) and Catherine Trusheva / Vadim Korzunov (Team 4, Russia/Germany) were the fastest international Teams 2016. But their Rovers where exibited in the USA from 2015-2016. So they gave the award to the next international team:
Team 46: Technologico de Monterrey Campus Cuernava and 
Team 3: International Space Education Institute Italy / Bolivia

International Space Education Institute e.V. /
Jesco von Puttkamer Gesellschaft e.V.
Leipzig, den 27.5.2016

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