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Articoli degli studenti - 2012
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The Russian Moonbuggy team 2012, College
Written by: Tarasov Roman, Zakytin Engine, Tereshkova Marina
International Institute of Space Education, Leipzig

Today we had our last day before a competition.
All the preparing is finished, the race tomorrow, today we have a good rest.

img1We have developed a special training program, in accordance with it, we have decided today to rest and gather strength before the race. In Mr. Heckel has an agreement with the management of the hotel "Marriott" on permission to use their swimming pool our students. We decided to spend part of the day in the pool. All students swam and sunbathed. It was fun and interesting.

img2After we left the hotel at the Scientific-Research Institute of Alabama, Huntsville, we have already been there, but now we have arranged this tour, all laboratories have shown and told about the projects of the institute. This is a really good organization, people there really work, it is nice to look at this work. I would like to learn more or to work in such an organization. We were shown the laboratory for the production of engines for missiles, Laboratory for Materials Science. Thanks very much for this tour ISEI, it was the only interesting for me to visit.
img3Next, we decided to go to Moonbuggy garage. Today was not planned to do something global, but my guys worked the rest of the day and they had not a day, but rather a half day of silence. Ralph and Eugenie decide to install the camera on wheels and see how they behave in the movement on the track. It took about 1.5 hours of Roman, tested the result-wheel drive works fine, then we have some big wheel was a big advantage, they cut the surface and are more stable than more stable than those that are on the other buggies. Then the novel set the camera at the same buggy Max, they are protesting all times. Eugenie and Roma now finally completed work on our buggy. Checked and spun once all the screws and nuts, checked the work of all mechanisms. Buggy is ready to race!

img4In parallel with this work it became clear that the application for additional new rewards that NASA has announced this year, was to be filed before April 2, but we have learned about it only now. However, Eugenie finally decided to make a report tomorrow and give the organizing committee of the competition. He did not know about this prize, therefore, did not bring with them all drowns buggy drawn by hand. All day until late Eugene wrote a report on the competition - the best technical report.

img5The Roman is the evening gathering buggies for the team Germany 1, Germany 2 and Italy. Then we again trained on the fast folding buggy, did more than a dozen attempts succeeded a few times 4.9 seconds of time, we still have two days to bring this time to 4 seconds. Now we are only competing in the speed with Max.
Before leaving the hotel we did a little workout, ride in the neighborhood for a while, it was found that training is not in vain, we go, we are now much faster.

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