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jvpon the 83th birthday of the former NASA scientist we invite to the 

Opening of the first "Jesco von Puttkamer School"

The opening will take place on the 24th of September at noon campus in the Wurzner Str. 4 in Leipzig.

We hereby invite all 4th to 10th graders and parents/grandparents with interests in science, robotics, engineering, and space flight. There will be presentations, tours, conversations with pilots of NASA-Rovers, and the ability to test drive one of our rovers!

Those looking for a science group, those interested in assistance with the Bell-Arbeit for the Abitur, or those looking to participate in an exchange program to Germany can apply for the academic year at this occasion.

Prof. Dr. Jesco von Puttkamer 
spent his life supporting Leipzig based students, helping them reach their true potential through the International Space Education Institute. This school is named after him, as a way to honor his contributions to the world of science. Dr. Puttkamer was born on the 22nd of August, 1933, in Leipzig. He graduated at the TU-Aachen in 1962, receiving a diploma for engineering, and moved to the United States to work for NASA. He lived through the Apollo era, participating in many space shuttle missions, and eventually transferred to NASA headquarters in Washington DC in 1974. He was also a well-known writer, and scientific advisor for the star trek movies. In the 90s, Puttkamer spent his time working together with the Russian space administration to facilitate the construction of the ISS. He led this mission until his death in 2012.


The founders oft he first Jesco von Puttkamer school in Leipzig have personally been guided by Jesco since 2003. The international team award named after him is awarded to the fastest international team at the NASA Rover Challenge every year (and has been awarded to the Leipziger based teams 6 times). Von Puttkamer believed that a school should supporting students in their scientific pursuits.

The Renovation
In the summer of 2016 the school was renovated, and the habitat named Space Hotel was expanded, funded by 300.000 Euros from privat invested. A modern network of solar panels now powers the classrooms. The school is not government affiliated, but instead supplements a regular school learning experience with a scientific education. It is managed by the International Space Education Institute. Companies from around the globe, as well as private individuals, are promoting this school as a way of supporting scientific education. Over the past 10 years this system has helped many students become proficient engineers and doctors.

After School Activities
robot-agnasa-agASA´s are made possible by the generous material donations from Leipziger businesses and startups, as well as the engagement of students and teachers and the financial contributions of participants. The membership-fee is similar to what is charged by sport, dancing- or riding clubs and will be payed monthly for one year.
Currently offered courses include a robotics course on Thursdays as well as the world renowned NASA-Rover Activity on weekends and holidays for advanced and active students. This events are opening the doors for international collaboration and excursions, including Russia, the United States and 22 other countries.

The Campus
The campus encompasses 1500 square meters, located near downtown at the end of the Dresdner street. The main building is located on the Wurzner Str. 4 and is open between 4pm and 7pm daily. Parking is available.

The Mainbuilding
jvp-schuleThe main building is a 5 story building, originating from 1893. Has been used by the Space Education Institute since 2005. 2016 it has been thoroughly redeveloped. The roof was renovated and many improvements were made to other parts of the structure. Solar panels provide electricity and warm water. The building now contains a reception, a seminar room, a kitchen, many CAD workplaces, and offices for school startups. This is where the robotics club will take place, and students will receive their certificates.

The Space Hotel (Habitat)
For the exchange students there are 29 modern apartments with double or quadruple rooms available on 4 floors. All witch are equipped with wireless Internet and NASA TV. Each room has a sink, bed, table with chairs, a flat-screen TV and cabinet. Students use clean shared bathrooms. For faculty members rooms with private bathrooms are aviable. 


The Space Hotel is popular with tourists and conference visitors coming to Leipzig, during the times when no workshops or seminars are held, as it offers inexpensive and clean accomodation witch can be easily booked online. The earnings are used to support the non-profit services of the school. This way, the Space Hotel has become the most booked hotel of economy class in Leipzig. It is also a popular place for visitors of Leipzig, promoters and international guests. Quite regular VIPs from industry, politics and science can be welcome as guests. Among them have already been Prof. Dr. von Puttkamer, the family of the Sputnik designer Sergey P. Korolev, astronauts, cosmonauts and a Prime Minister.

The Workshop
workshopThe workshop has been built from a repurposed garage. It was overhauled, receiving insulated ceilings, walls, and windows. It contains many donated tools and can be used by technically inclined students to practice and build NASA Rovers. 

Available is a complete machine-tool arsenal, a gas welding machine, column drill, grinders, soldering station, awood workshop, and ametal workshop. CNC machines will soon be also available.

The Rocket Garden
rocketThe rocket garden surrounds the workshop and contains a barbeque area, a swimming pool, a trampoline, and a moon landing module. Students, teachers, and parents all recommend the garden as the perfect place to spend an afternoon. Kids can go on an adventure by the rocket and use up their energy on the trampoline. A sand pit, fish pond, and led illuminated solar house provide for further enjoyment. The rocket was constructed by students in 2012. It is now illuminated at night by solar energy. The moon lander module was a stage prop and has now been repurposed as a simulator for NASA Rover races.

The Parking Lot
The rubble lot provides space for 12 cars and will soon be layered with pavement. Two lawns with flowers and benches allow for a relaxing way to spend time. The extended roof of the building allows for dry walks during even the worst of weather. When there is good weather, breakfast will be served outdoors.

The Student Living Area
The student living area contains 21 rooms, organized in 6 apartments. This allows students pursuing a PhD degree to relax and write their theses after completing their Abitur.

The Student Promotion Programs of the Jesco von Puttkamer School

rexusbexusthommynadinThe student promotion programs of the Jesco von Puttkamer school are set up to assist students. Good results and daily check-ins are rewarded graciously. This is achieved through an international network of competitions where students can practice their skills. Great achievements are rewarded with travels to other countries, exchange programs, and language courses. This allows international students to be invited to come and stay in Leipzig and attend German language courses while further developing their scientific backgrounds. German students can expect the same hospitality we provide to international students in similar schools within the 22 member nations.

This year's CAD-CAM projects:
- an electrical gate for the entrance of the neighboring property
- a roof for the main campus
- two special-steel-railings for the institute
- LED lighting for the parking lot
- the restauration of the moon lander model to a Rover-Simulator
- revamping the networking of the school’s solar systems



Projects currently available for pupils and students:

Leipzig: Building and programming robots (AG)
Leipzig: Adding an electric drive train to NASA-Rovers (BELL-Projekt)
Leipzig: Constructing a NASA Rover training simulator
Moskau: NASA Rover Team Russia, led by Catherine Trusheva (16)
La Paz: NASA Rover Team Bolivia, led by Alina S.S. Vinokurova (17)
Neu Delhi: NASA Rover Team India, led by Tec Mantra Labs
Washington DC: NASA Rover Team McKinley, led by Kenneth Lesley

We are also supporting two students for a carrier at NASA in Huntsville, AL, USA.

We also express are thanks and gratitude to the following businesses and individuals for the support and assistance during the restoration of the campus 2016:
Sparkasse Leipzig

Doerffer Sandstrahltechnik GmbH, Leipzig
Dr. Sol Solarsysteme GmbH, Leipzig
Dachdeckermeister Lars Etzrodt, Nordhausen
Jens Barthelmes Stuckateurmeister, Leipzig
Christian Rupprecht Tischlerei & Glaserei, Stollberg/Erzgebirge
Frank Rudolph Malermeister, Leipzig
Klaus Hoffmann Klempnermeister, Baalsdorf
DNC-Dreherei Günter Jakob GmbH & Co. KG, Holzhausen
HOLL GmbH, Markkleeberg
Althaus Galvanik- und Pulverbeschichtungs GmbH
ELG-Bau Leipzig e.G.
Parentin GmbH
Heiterblick Technikzentrum, Leipzig
HKL, Leipzig

renovation projekt:

Solar power station:



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