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Exkursionen - NASA-Tour



for International Space Education, business support and high performance teams, to win members for the "International Jesco von Puttkamer Foundation", organized and financed by Yvonne & Ralf Heckel, chairboard of the International Space Education Institute (benefit association), Leipzig/Germany (Russia/USA) 

04/13/13 arrival in New York
04/14/13 liberty sight seeing with the daughters Cosma and Tara 
04/15/13 arrival in Washington DC (NASA-Headquarters- & VIP-Days)
04/16/13 capital sight seeing with the daughters Cosma and Tara, meetings
National Air & Space Museum (official with ambassador Yvonne & Cosma)
02-02:30 pm Smithonian Institute (Roger Launius)
08:00 pm, Dresdner Staatskapelle, WASHINGTON, STRATHMORE

04/17/13 Antares rocket first flight, Pad 0A, NASA Wallops Flight Facility Wallops Island,
(Mark Timm, NASA; Darrell Gheen, MARS/OSC)

04/18/13 NASA-Headquarters (Susan Edington, Jeff Fasler, Jacob Keaton)
"10 years international space education – a hard but successful way"
"The Jesco von Puttkamer Foundation – the heritage of a visioner" 

06:00 pm Birthday-dinner "Ralf Heckel 44 & 10 years ISEI" with wife Yvonne and Jesco-friends, Café Berlin on Capital Hill

04/19/13 travel to Alabama (700 mi, 12h, by car) 04/20/13 arrival in Huntsville AL (Moonbuggy-week)
04/20/13 meeting with friends in Huntsville
04/21/13 prepaering the own Moonbuggy Assembly Facility (warehouse on church st),
Huntsville Education Tour, VBC, Monte Sano, Maple Hill Cementary, Tennessee River

04/22/13 assembling of the international Moonbuggies
04/23/13 test & training, barbecue
04/24/13 schools and media day: Center for Technology
04/25/13 prepaering the pit area at USSRC, registration, tests
15:00 private meeting Astronaut Owen Garriott (Skylab)
17:00 Moonbuggy Safety Meeting, Opening Ceremony at Marriott Grand Ballroom
after: Moonbowl Quizz, , Education Training Facility

04/26/13 Moonbuggy Race Day 1,
"Pizza with the Rover Pioneers",
Astro Tek building, talk and free pizza Moonbuggy Racers Homecoming (teams and advisors from 1994-96 are there)

04/27/13 Moonbuggy Race Day 2,
12:00 h disassembling Moonbuggys,
17:00 Award Ceremony

04/28/13 prepare Moonbuggys for flight to europe,
meeting with Mrs. Stuhlinger (wife of Prof. Ernst Stuhlinger)
Dixieland Culture Tour (Jack Daniels Destillerie in Lynchburgh)

04/29/13 departure of the highschool teams to Europe, cleaning Moonbuggy Assembly Facility
04/30/13 engineers & business tour in Huntsville
   visit the Space Camp
   visit a steel company
   visit Huntsville Center for Technology 

05/01/13 Last Day in Huntsville
   visit at the Chamber of Commerce
   "get together dinner" of german-american industrials, friends and NASA employees in Huntsville (Logan´s Steakhouse, University Dr., 6 pm) 

05/02/13 travel to in Cocoa Beach/FL (Cape Canaveral), 700 mi, 12 h 
05/03/13 KSC-Tour (Tiffany Fairley) 
    9:00a Escort and guests arrive at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex (KSCVC), Parking Lot 4
    9:15a Escort to board guest van and proceed to drive by of Launch Complex 39 (LC-39) area
    9:30a Drive by VAB en route to Launch Control Center (LCC)
    9:45a Depart Press Site for LCC
  10:00a Arrive and tour LCC – FR 4 and Mezzanine Area
  10:30a Depart LCC for Pad A
  10:45a Drive by Pad A, inside gate via Perimeter Road
  11:00a Depart Pad A for Apollo Saturn V Center (ASVC)
  11:15a Arrive and tour ASVC – park behind bleachers and walk up through public bus loading area
  11:45a Depart ASVC and return to KSCVC, Lot 4
  12:30 p Astronaut Memorial Foundation, Donations for the Spacewalk of Honor, Education Center (Cathie Gray) 

05/04/13 Astronaut Hall of Fame, Warbird Museum Titusville
05/05/13 "Launch Pad Dinner - between the generations" with KSC-friends,
05/06/13 lunch with Space Shuttle Astronaut Wendy Lawrence at KSC-VC
11-11:30 meeting for the Lunabotics Mining Competition, SEC, Room 1000,
rules and possibilities for german and russian teams in 2014, (Lesley Fletcher)

05/07/13 travel of 3 groups to Atlanta, Huntsville and Washington
05/08/13 departure business delegation and engineers/college group (ATL/HSV) 05/09/13 arrival in Washington at night
05/10/13 Washington Day 2
  12:30p Spaceeducation readings at Broadrun Highschool, Deutsches Gymnasium washington
  after   German American Heritage Foundation (Marc Wheat, Bern Deichmann)
  Ivy Hill Cementery (WvB) 

04/12/13 05/13/13 departure family Heckel (parents and daughters) from Newark Itl. Airport

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map2013next events:
Summer 13 International Space Workshop Leipzig
09/22/13 Puttkamer-Readings "80th birthday", Leipzig plate on the house of birth
October 13 Moscow Space Tour

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